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Practice Areas

Real Estate

o sale and purchase agreements
o lease agreements
o preparation, amendment and revision of articles of incorporation of condominium, regulations of condominium
o representation in building process


Corporate law

o foundation and amendment of companies
o transfer of business shares
o preparation of the necessary documents for membership meeting or general meeting of the company
o merger and acquisitation
o dissolution procedure, bankruptcy proceedings
o liquidation
o due diligence


Labour law

o preparation of labour contracts, termination of employment
o revision of labour contracts
o preparation or legal opinion about labour regulations
o preparation of employer’s actions
o representation in legal disputes, extrajudicial negotiation


Intellectual property, competition law

o registration of trademarks and patents
o preparation of contracts regarding trademarks and patents
o copyright
o representation at the Competition Authority (proceedings of fraudulent, unfair market practises, consumer deception, etc.)

Family law

o preparation of prenuptial agreement
o divorce, annulment, property settlements, child custody and visitation, child support
o international child abduction



o preparation of a will
o representation in inheritance proceedings or successing conflict



o representation in legal proceedings per infringemente of privacy, personal rights, per correction, processes of dataprotection



o preparation of contracts, legal opinion about contracts, negotiating about contractual terms and conditions
o guarantees, consulance and legal assistance about breach of contract, late delivery etc.
o legal representation in legal processes or extrajudicial processes


Commercial law

o commercial contracts: supply contract, distribution contract, franchise agreement, tender
o consumer protection
o debt collection via order of payment, or legal proceedings


Civil organizations

o associations, foundations, civil organizations of public utility


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